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Affiliated to Fujian Normal University, Key Laboratory for Subtropical Mountain Ecology (Ministry of Science and Technology and Fujian Province funded, SME) was approved to construction in 2010. The SME consists of 5000 square meters indoor laboratories, field research stations (Evergreen Broad-leaved Forest Field Monitoring Station in Wuyi Mountains, Min River Estuary Wetland Ecological Positioning Station, Changting Eroded Red Soil Ecology Recovery Positioning Observatory), greenhouse, resources and environmental infrastructure data platform of Fujian and Taiwan. There is 46, 000,000 of equipments.

The SME has 51 scientific researchers, 20 technical personnel and 2 administrators. Among the scientific researchers, 24 of them are professors, 86% of them have doctoral degrees and more than half graduated from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and key universities funded by 985 Project. There are also 5 temporary workers in the SME.

The SME has secured Major project and International Cooperation and Exchanges supported by NSFC, pre-research of 973 Program, and the project supported by the program for Changjiang Scholars and Innovative Research Team in University for the past three years, with a total funding of more than 40,000,000. Additionally, the SME dedicates a series of research projects with a funding of 50,000,000 to serve the local economy.

The laboratory has won 29 provincial and ministerial awards, including 4 first prizes. For the past three years, more than 100 papers has been published in international journals such as Global Change Biology, New Phytologist, Soil Biology & Biochemistry, Jounal of Soils and Sediments, Environmental Science and Technology, Plant And Soil, Ambio, Environmental Research, Forest Ecology and Management, The Holocene. The SME has also published 10 monographs and patented 6 invention.