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Against the backdrop of coping with the global climate change in China and subtropics and maintaining the safety of mountain ecosystems and mountain development, the SME focuses on the research of the multi-scale pattern of mountain ecosystems, the key process research and their responses to human activities and global change, the adaptation and control research, the development of eco-geographical process theory and methods in complex mountainous environment on the basis of international research frontiers in ecology, geography and mountain science, aiming to provide scientific and technological support for international climate change negotiations, humid subtropical mountain ecological security barrier construction and sustainable development for mountain area and become research platform and talent training base for subtropical mountain ecosystems science.

Research DirectionⅠ: Carbon and nitrogen biogeochemical processes in mountain area

Research DirectionⅡ: River basin ecological - hydrological processes

Research DirectionⅢ: Remote sensing inversion and scale conversion of mountain ecological elements

Research DirectionⅣ: Mountain environmental change and ecosystem response

Research DirectionⅤ: Mountain ecological security and sustainable development